For several years, the hospitality services of the community were hampered by a lack of space.

For some time, the canons had been able to offer attractive accommodation in the village through the purchase and restoration of two large houses with magnificent views of the Orbieu and the abbey.

However, the abbey’s guest quarters were cramped and uncomfortable. As the number of groups and families visiting the abbey increased, certain facilities, including adapted kitchens, needed to be upgraded. Now, the new guesthouse completes the abbey’s great restoration project.

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The guesthouse today
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The guesthouse during construction
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These installations were planned before the restoration of the bell tower, transept and church. After all, what’s the point of offering a place of beauty and tranquility if you can’t stay there ?

The new guesthouse now occupies the entire east wing of the courtyard, offering visitors a magnificent façade that invites them to rest. As soon as the guesthouse opened after Covid containment, it was overrun, and the joy of its many guests became the community’s greatest reward!

The abbey wants to be open to all. A path for people with reduced mobility now provides easier access to the abbey. A room for people with various physical limitations has also been created. The canons are awaiting administrative visits to validate the proposed itineraries adapted to the listed building.

More than ever, the abbey has regained its soul and seeks to offer a benevolent refuge to all those in search of hope and beauty.

Restoration of the hotel includes :

  • 400 m2 of roofing and framing restored.
  • 1250 m2 of partitions installed.

  • 16 rooms created.

  • 1 room for people with physical limitations.

  • 1 economical heat pump heating system.

  • 16 doors and windows suitable to the historical openings and, for the first time in our restoration, equipped with double glazing to guarantee peace and warmth to our guests.